Celtic God- Lugh


Lugh….Celtic (Welsh, Irish) God, also known as Lleu, Llew and Lugh the Many Skilled. He is a druid, carpenter, poet, and mason. His animals are the raven and the lynx. He symbolizes healing, reincarnation, prophecy, and revenge. Also a Sun God as well hence the Pagan Sabbath Lughnasadh, his namesake. Son of Cian, a Tuatha de Danaan. Of legend, his skills were without end; in Ireland he was associated with ravens; and a white stag as his symbol in Wales. He had a magic spear and otherworldly… Paul J. on Pinterest

Contrary to popular belief, Lugh is not a Sun God. Rather, he is, among other things, a God of Lightning, Thunder, and Rain. It is Lugh who breaks the back of Summer, by destroying the single “Evil Eye” (the Sun) of the sky god Balor and brings the welcome rains so that the crops will not scorch in the fields before they can be harvested… Tressa Disney on Pinterest