I Come To You This Evening With A Very Sad & Heavy Heart

I received an email from Lady Beltane this evening. It was one that broke my heart and brought me to tears, Lady Beltane’s mother passed this afternoon around 4:00. I do know Lady Beltane and her mother were close. I know this has ripped her heart into. I also know she needs all the love and support we can give her. You never know the right words to say to a person during their time of grief. I really don’t believe there are any words that can take away the sorrow and grief a person feels. All we can do is let her know that we are here for her no matter what she might need. Show her we love her and offer any support we can.


If you have a moment, please say a prayer for Lady Beltane, her mother and her family.


Divine Goddess, Mother to Us All,

We come to you for my friend and sister, Lady Beltane.

We come to you to ask that You provide her with Your

Strength and comfort in this time of deep need and sorrow.

Her hurt and grief run deep.

We feel so much pain for her, but we can only imagine how

hard this time must be for her & her family.

We pray, Divine Mother, that you help her to

Stand strong in her faith during this difficult time.



Divine Goddess, Mother of Us All,

Give us the power and ability to comfort, our

dear friend.

Help us be what she need during this time,

Whether it is a shoulder to cry or just to listen.

Provide us with comforting words that will comfort

Her and ease her spirit and soul.

Let us be a symbol of Your light and comfort during

this difficult time.



May Lady Beltane always know we love her

and we are here for her.

Let her know that even though we can not

physical be with her, that we are there in spirit.

Let her know she is never alone for you,

Divine Mother are always with her as well

as us.



We ask these things for our dear friend, Lady Beltane

And her family.

We pray these things in your Divine Name,


So Mote It Be.




One thought on “I Come To You This Evening With A Very Sad & Heavy Heart

  1. My thoughts and prayers go to Lady Beltane’s family and friends. The loss of a mother is the most difficult situation to go through. May her mom Rest in Peace.


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