Cinese Zodiac Year Wheel


What is your Chinese Zodiac sign? The thing is the Chinese zodiac does not go by the same calendar we do. So it is not just the year you were born but the date a well. Check out the post on Chiese zodiac birth dates before you decide which sign you fall under. If your birth year does not appear on here just start at 1990 go clockwise counting down to the year of your birth the animal you land on might be your true Chinese Zodiac animal.

Chinese Astrology Overview

Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese zodiac, also known as the Sheng xiao in Chinese, relates each year to an animal and its alleged traits, according to a 12-year cycle. Besides China and Taiwan, it has wide following in several East Asian countries. The main focus of this page is to study the Chinese zodiac signs and what do they stand for.

The Chinese zodiac bears several similarities to the Western zodiac. In both, the time cycles are divided into 12 parts, with each part labeled with the names of animals. Each of these Chinese zodiac signs, like its western counterpart, is widely connected with a culture of influence of a person’s relationship to the cycle, according to their personality and events in their life. However, there are certain major differences between the Chinese zodiac horoscope and the western. The Chinese zodiac has the 12-part cycle divided into years rather than months. Some of the zodiac signs in the Western forms are not represented by animals, for example the inanimate balance scale “Libra”.

The Chinese zodiac signs of twelve animals stand for twelve different types of personality. The Chinese zodiac year traditionally starts with the sign of the Rat. Given below are the twelve Chinese zodiac signs in order and their characteristics:

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