Monitor Your Chakras for Energy Flow

There are seven main Chakra or energy centers in every living thing that breathes that need to be kept clean of negative energy. If they are not cleansed on a regular basis then they become clogged and can cause physical illness, a feeling of uneasy, headaches to name just a few things that can go wrong physically. Spiritually if they get clogged you can be cut off from universal energy, Goddesses, Gods, and your spirit guides.

The seven main Chakra locations and color associated with them starting from the bottom are:

Root/located in pelvic region/color is Red

Sacral/located near your naval/color is Orange

Solar Plexus/located near your diaphragm/color is Yellow

Heart/located in your heart/color is Green

Throat/located in your throat/color is a Light Blue

Third Eye/located in your forehead/color is Indigo

Crown/located on the top of your head/color is Purple

I also cleanse to other Chakras to keep Universal positive energy flowing in and negative energy flowing out. These are not always considered Chakras by many people, but they can be found in some charts covering all the bodies Chakras.

Universal Chakra/located about four inches above your head/color is White

Inbetween Worlds/located about two inches below your feet/color is Black

There are different ways to cleanse your Chakras, here I will be explaining how I do it using things in our natural world to bring positive energy into myself. All you need to do this is:

A quite place you will not be disturbed in for about ten minutes or longer if you find a trouble spot and that feels inviting, comfortable and safe to you.

Taking controlled breathes in and out. When you breathe in you will be bring in the positive energy of nature. When you breathe out you will expel the negative energy that is inside you. I exchange breathes a minimum of three times for each Chakra, more if I feel a Chakra needs it.

With practice, you will be able to feel the energy change within you and flowing more freely. When beginning on your witchy path it is a good idea to cleanses your Chakras at least once a week and before doing a ritual. When I was learning to meditate I would cleanse my Chakras as a way of centering myself, calming my mind and spirit making it easier to sit still to meditate. I found in the beginning I felt safest cleansing them inside a sacred circle and after I was done cleansing I would take the time to meditate.

How to cleanse your Chakras using Nature:

Start at the bottom of the Chakras:

Inbetween Worlds – breathe in the Black of a new Moon night

Root –  breathe in the deep Red of a Camp or Sacred fire

Sacral –  breathe in the Orange of a beautiful sunset

Solar Plexus – breathe in the bright Yellow of the noonday Sun

Heart – breathe in the Green of the trees

Throat – breathe in the bright Blue sky

Third Eye – breathe in the Indigo of twilight

Crown – breathe in the Purple glow of a shiny Amethyst

Universal – breathe in the White of a full Moon

Once I reach the top I go back down doing each Chakra again. When I get to the Inbetween Worlds I see the negative energy flow out of my feet and into it. I believe the Gods and Goddesses that live in this realm then cleanse the negative energy into positive and send it into the Universe to help make our planet and entire Universe a more positive place to live in.

I suggest a Chakra cleansing any time you feel “off” but remember to do it at least one time every week. Other good times to do a Chakra cleansing are if you have been in close contact with negative people, after a family gathering or even a hard day at work.



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