Grounding and Centering

Lady Beltane asked if I could write a piece about chakras, grounding, and centering.  Since this is something I do on a daily basis, I’ll share with you my little personal technique.  I do this exercise every time I meditate, and I also will do it if I’m feeling worn out, stressed out, or frazzled.  I even do a quick run-through while I’m waiting for my daughter’s school bus to bring her home.  I tend to be a very distractable person and prone to bouts of flightiness, so this helps me recenter and refocus whenever I need it.

First, I’ll describe the technique I use before meditation.  I get comfortable, but not so comfy that I might fall asleep.  I envision my root, or base, chakra.  It’s the red one at the base of your spine.  I see it being bright and healthy, with tree roots shooting down into the Earth.  I send the ‘tap root’ all the way down to the center of the Earth the core.  I then visualize that good Earthy energy flowing up that root and into my root chakra.  The energy then flows up into my sacral, my solar plexus, my heart, my throat, my third eye, and to my crown.  Feel the energy moving up through each chakra.  Envision that energy cleansing and balancing the chakras as it ascends your spinal column.  See each chakra spinning or blossoming like a flower and glowing in its specific color.  When the energy makes it to my crown chakra, I envision beautiful tree branches reaching up into the Universe.  On these branches, I see healthy green leaves and beautiful blossoms like a cherry tree in the springtime.  The leaves absorb the loving Universal energy and draw it back down into my crown chakra.  That energy flows down through each chakra in the opposite direction of the Earth energy.  Then, it flows all the way back down my roots and into the core of the Earth.  I see the energy flowing in both directions, up from Earth and down from the Universe, along my spine as if it were moving through two garden hoses or pipes.  I feel that I am acting as a conduit for both energies.  I am drawing nourishment from Earth and passing it up into the Universe, and I am also drawing nourishment from the Universe and sending it down into Mother Earth.  I am grounded to Earth and suspended from the Universe, anchored into place as the energies flow through me.  At this time, I clear my mind of extra clutter and random thoughts so I can begin my meditation.

I do this exercise so often that I am able to visualize it happening quickly when I need that fast burst of focus.  I really enjoy doing this outdoors where my feet are on the ground and I’m within the field of Earth’s energy.  But with winter approaching and the temperatures starting to become rather uncomfortable outside, more often than not, I’m doing this exercise inside my warm house.  In this case, I like to have a little bit of the outdoors present around me.  Sitting next to a fire or small indoor water fountain helps, as does holding some stones or crystals.  I also have some woodsy-scented incense that helps me focus, too.  There are also videos, audio files, and smartphone apps available that feature music or sounds with special rhythms to help with grounding, balancing, and meditation.  Many are free of cost and I’ve found them by searching for “binaural beats.” Not everyone responds to them, but I find them relaxing and helpful sometimes.  I would recommend trying it at least once to see if it helps you.  The worst that can happen is that you listen to some pretty and relaxing music.  (I especially enjoy hearing the Tibetan singing bowls.  Those are lovely!)

So, this is my own little brand of cleansing, balancing, and grounding.  Feel free to try it and tweak it if you feel the want or need to do so.  Do what works for you.  🙂



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