Day of the Messenger Ceremony

On December 21st I participated in the Day of the Messenger Ceremony-Curanderismo Winter Solstice Ceremony (the day the oracle opens).  My friend Paloma is a Curandera (Mexican Shamanism) and I enjoy doing this ritual each year.

Paloma states, “It is believed that the cold and dark winter days are a good time for us to reflect on what we want to accomplish and to prepare ourselves for the coming year.”

Her website goes into greater detail and can be accessed at this link:

In order to participate in the ceremony one starts getting ready on December 1st.  She goes into detail in the ritual but some of the things we are asked to do throughout the 21 days is to consume no alcohol or drugs, give up sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables, and towards the last few days before the ceremony to not eat meat.

You use your own intuition as to what type of altar to set up but there are a few things you need.  One of the things you do when you sign up is send her the three questions you have for the Spirit of the Messenger Deer (oracle) and grant her permission as well as her team to connect and align with your guides, animal spirits, etc.  After the ceremony she emails your personal message and answers received from the Ceremony.  You also receive instructions and a list of materials on how to prepare and perform the “Preparation Rituals to receive the New Year” and how to charge, bless and use your amulet for the year.

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