Travel Altars

Travel altar 1 Travel Altar 2

I taught a class this past September on how to make a Travel Altar.  You can certainly use whatever items you are drawn to use.

Some things to consider are what size of container you want to use to put everything in.  Do you want to use crystals to represent the elements or items?  What do you want to use it for?  For example: to visit a sick friend or family member in the hospital to have your altar with you to help you focus to send healing energies.

In the first photo I used an Altoids can with a mix of crystals and symbols to represent the elements.

In the second photo I put everything in a small change purse.  I used embroidery floss in elemental colors to make the travel cords or travel “robes” to put around my neck or you can create a circle with it.

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8 thoughts on “Travel Altars

  1. I just traveled through 4 international airports with my coin purse travel altar in my personal carry on item. The only thing said by any security person was a Blessed be from one man. He sought me out on his break, I had a long layover in Paris, and told me if it had been in a metal holder or had a candle in it it might have been taken if the security guard didn’t know they were religious items. I was
    excited to find out Pagan religions things we use for rituals/worship are now being considered as sacred to us as other objects are to people who follow more main stream religions.

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    1. I really do think mine was just a case of “curious George” got greedy and took my alter. The one thing that really irked me, is that an item that I had to represent the water, was a piece of sea glass that was from a friend that’s no longer available to me. I’ve learned, I now carry things in my medicine bag. When asked I just tell them, “I’m Wiccan, this is my religious tokens.” I’ve only been harassed by TSA one time since I started carrying it. It’s similar to a coin purse, but I wear it around my neck. When TSA was a bit naughty, I reminded them of my religious rights, that it did comply with federal regulations. I still hold firm that there is just so much superstitions and hate towards witches. I also hold firm that peoples have witch hunter blood in them that is unrecognized, hence the hate they carry towards witches.

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    1. If I remember correctly I used Tiger Eye for Air, Red Jasper for Fire, Blue Lace Agate for Water, and Green Aventurine for Earth, Amethyst for Spirit. You can certainly use whatever crystals represent the four directions for you. Those are the ones I had.

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