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We as Pagans and Witches have a hard time because of stereotyping and society not really having the knowledge to accept us for who we are. To help counter-act this I stepped out of the “broom closet” many years ago. Sometimes this is a good thing and I can enlighten others on what a witch/pagan really is. Other times I get called names and told I will be rotting in hell. Well since I do not believe in a hell as the Christians and many other mainstream religions do this doesn’t really bother me. You know those people that coming knocking on your door or stand at railroad stations and other places to tell you the “Good News” complete pamphlets? When they come to my door or approach me somewhere I tell them, with my pentacle in full view,  “I will happily listen to you about your beliefs if when you are through you listen to me about mine.” Most of the time I get a strange look but every once in a while someone will actually listen to me. Some of those that have listened have walked away from our encounter looking at witchcraft and/or paganism in a brand new way.

While I realize not everyone is comfortable as I am with openly being pagan and every individual needs to come out of the “broom closet” when they feel ready to. I ask you this one question, “Have you truly admitted to yourself that you follow a nature based religion and have a belief in the duality of Gods and Goddesses?” If you have done this you have made your first small step out of hiding in the “broom closet” and becoming an ambassador for others to make that step and to enlighten people not knowledgeable about The Craft and Paganism.

Blessed be dear ones.



The Cosmic Cookie Trail strikes again!  I was led to the following blog post today and you can read it at the following link.  My hands have been almost “humming” with energy today and I figured there had to be something going on with the planets!


I think I will do the little mini ritual it mentions at the end.  Will you join me at midnight?

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Witchcraft Chapter nine – Witchcraft Today (Plus a. Glossary b. Bibliography for series of articles)

by Ilil Arbel, Ph.D.

A thousand years ago or today, if you asked a witch why she practices the Craft, her answer would be universal: It accomplishes results. However, the many “workbooks” and “spell books” on the market won’t necessarily teach you how to become a witch or to perform magic. Pursuing witchcraft without a coven, without ceremonies, without initiation does not generally work. At best, it will probably be self delusion; at worst, it can do some psychological damage. There are some witches who work alone. There are even courses one can take in big cities such as New York or San Francisco. But Witchcraft is more than just a few spells – it’s a religion. Without the tenets, the commitment, the depth of feeling for the earth – it’s just an imitation.

There is no doubt that magic still exists, and that it can be powerful. But how do you define it in a world such as ours? If all the nonsense is dismissed, it means using some abnormal ability or a talent. The witch creates a change in circumstances – a change that would not have occurred naturally. Some people have psychic powers, just as others have a natural talent for painting or music. When trained, the powers are enhanced. When used in the correct manner, they are quite successful. Naturally, these powers can be used either for good or for evil. Those who use it for good tend to become witches. Those who use it to do harm call themselves Satanists or Devil Worshipers. There is always a choice.

As seen in previous chapters, all isolated societies have ceremonies, initiations, and some form of magic. Witches, the descendants of such people, have not lost the knowledge. Other organized religions tend to ignore the magical connection, with one exception – prayer. All religions claim that prayer accomplishes tangible results. What is prayer but an attempt to convince the supernatural to do what we want?

Most witches believe that the power is found inside their own bodies. This is the reason why some witches prefer to work in the nude – they feel that the clothes block the power’s release. Other witches work partially nude or dressed in loose robes. In today’s society, with its relaxed attitude toward the human body, nudity is not a problem. After all, the witches do not engage in any immoral activity during the ceremonies. But during the Middle Ages, or even the 18th century, people sometimes didn’t take off their clothing even to bathe. They wore special “bathing robes” for the purpose, so that they would not have to look at their own nude bodies! It is easy to imagine the uproar when the nudity of the witches was discovered. Naturally the general population assumed the witches engaged in orgies.

To read the rest of this informative article please click on the following link: http://www.pantheon.org/areas/featured/witchcraft/chapter-9.html