Summer Solstice


Litha Altar and Litha Altar in a Cup

Summer Solstice plate 2016

Summer Solstice plate I painted

Summer Solstice Oil

Jojoba oil-fill to the shoulder of the bottle

2 drops Peppermint EO-Top

3 drops Orange EO-Top

5 drops Ginger EO-Middle

2 drops Vetiver EO-Base

3 Citrine chips

Stays fresh energetically

Add all in bottle, put on a photo of Oak leaf in the middle of Flower of Life grid, add Amber on top, and three Jade pieces to form the triangle shape within the grid.  Jade to balance the mind, body and spirit. Reiki and then activate the grid.

Magical Summer Solstice Tea

1 T organic Rose Petals, fresh or dried

1 t organic Spearmint, fresh or dried

1 t organic Lemongrass, fresh or dried

1 t organic Lemon Balm, fresh or dried

Combine all the herbs in a tea infuser or tea bag. Bring water to a boil and pour 2 cups over herbs and let steep for 3-5 minutes. Strain and serve. This makes enough for two cups of tea, but feel free to multiply for a larger pot or a pitcher of iced tea (for iced tea, brew and then let chill). Add a splash or two of bubbly, if desired and garnish with fresh herbs.

Rosewater for Litha

2 Cups damask rose (Rosa damascena) petals, picked early in the morning
1.5 cups distilled water and 1 cup vodka OR
1 cup distilled water and 1 cup distilled witch hazel

Place the petals in a clean jar with a lid. Cover with whichever liquid you’ve chosen to use. Seal tightly and store in a cool place away from light for two weeks. (It’s best to attach a label with the date and ingredients, because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll think you’ll remember, but you won’t!) At the end of two weeks, strain into pretty bottles and tie a red ribbon around the top, infusing it with loving intent. At your next ritual or for love magic, sprinkle some of this water on yourself and others.

Litha Oil

1 oz. Of light weight carrier oil such as grape seed

5 drops Lavender e.o.
5 drops Sandalwood e.o.
1 drop each peppermint and spearmint e.o.
2 drops Heliotrope e.o.

©06152016 Wolf Woman Ways

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