Bullet Journaling a Grimoire

I use a Bullet Journal to keep track of tasks and appointments.  Then I found this link on how to make a Bullet Journal Grimoire!  You can read the ideas at the following link:


What is a Bullet Journal you may ask?  You can read about them at the following link:


I am looking forward to trying to make one for myself.  I already have some ideas!

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Pagan Non-Fiction

What follows is a list of the books related to Paganism, Witchcraft, and Wicca which I consider to be worth reading. Unlike my Pagan Fiction reading list, this is intended to be a selective (not exhaustive) list. I have also included a few books which I don’t recommend; however, I generally prefer to give attention to those books I find to have value, rather than bashing the ones I find useless. I have left out some major books on Witchcraft and Paganism, not because I haven’t read them, but because I don’t find them particularly interesting or relevant to my practice.

I update this list as I read relevant books (and I read constantly), so check back every so often and see what’s new.



For the rest of the list of recommended books on Beth’s Pagan Stuff please click on this link: http://www.soulrebels.com/beth/pagnon.html