How to Balance Chakras

There is a nice blog post at the following link to learn how to balance chakras using crystals.

This is part 3 of the articles that Hibiscus Moon has written.

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Aberdeen’s gruesome witchcraft history unveiled in 900-year-old church

9 June 2016 Last updated at 12:17 BST

New light has been shed on the persecution of ‘witches’ during the transformation of a 900-year-old church.

The “Mither Kirk” Project has excavated the Church of St Nicholas which will eventually house a heritage centre.

The Kirk, which was a witches prison in the 1500s, has an iron ring in the walls where women and men convicted of witchcraft were chained before being burned at the stake.

All the details were carefully recorded in archives which will be put on public display.

BBC Scotland’s Fiona Stalker has been for a closer look.

There is an interesting video with this short article use the link to see it.