When Your Heart is Wounded, I Will Hold Your Hand.

Your Spirit Guides are closer then you think..Just remember..
Heart felt Blessings,
SunRay Sorceress

Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach


I turned my head and there you were—trailing behind me, your eyes cast down, your heart so wounded, bleeding teardrops onto the cold, hard ground.

I can’t work miracles, but I can hold your hand.

Somewhere back there, you were stronger and wiser. Somewhere back there, you had more answers. Somewhere back there, you had the confidence of a warrior.

I don’t know why this suffering is so bitter for you, but I know that I can hold your hand.

This won’t last forever. These are days of discovery. This is a time for reflection and counting your blessings. A time to question, a time to seek wisdom. A time for laying yourself bare to the truths that guide you.

I can’t do it for you, but I can hold your hand.

For the longest time, you were my strength—you saw me through the worst of my nightmares. You cradled…

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