As we grow older

This is from our sister Cornwall Nan. This is such a beautiful piece that I wanted to share it with you too. Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress

Cornwall Nan

9f84e-treeThis blog stems from a time when my life was changing rapidly and I was transitioning between active maternal role to  crone time, my borders were less defined than many being only a five year gap between my youngest of five and the firstborn of the grandchildren, the first two grandchildren having spent their fist years in our home.

This writing dropped into my inbox this morning and it really resonated with me so I wanted to share it with you.It is from a wonderful site that is full of wisdom and has been of great inspiration to me since the  first time I came across them.

This is from ‘DailyOM’

We tend to associate youth with beauty, but the truth is that beauty transcends every age. Just as a deciduous tree is stunning in all its stages–from its full leafy green in the summer to its naked skeleton during…

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