Invoking Hecate for Magick and More

I need to thank one of my novices for sending this link to me to share with all of you.

The previous article gives you some ancient poems for invoking Hecate. The invocations on this page have been written by me for various purposes that you might wish to invite Hecate to your Circle.

Here you will find original invocations for…

  • Magick (also a general invocation)
  • Decision-making
  • A birth
  • An impending death

I hope you find them useful! As with all Wiccan “texts” feel free to adapt them to suit your particular needs in the moment.

Invoking Hecate For Magick
(or as a General Invocation)

Hecate! Crone Goddess! Grandmother of the Moon!
Wearing the black robe of night, the infinite mystery
Within which all may be known
If one has one’s own eyes…

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