The Terrifyingly Fascinating Myths of the Egyptian God Set (Seth)

Set or Seth was the ancient Egyptian god of the desert, darkness, and chaos. He was famous for murdering his own brother Osiris, the god of fertility. Know more about this powerful and mysterious god of Egypt, by going through this SpiritualRay write-up.

Egypt, the mention of which brings to the mind the fascinating world of pyramids and mummies, and the captivating tales of mythical gods. Among these gods and goddesses, one of the most powerful gods of the ancient Egypt was Set or Seth, the god of desert, storm, darkness, and chaos. His immense power and strength brought him the epithet ‘His Majesty’, which besides him was only applicable to Ra, the Sun god. Set was the mighty lord of the Upper Egypt and Ombos, situated on the western banks of the River Nile. It was the center of his cult. Set was considered infertile, just like the desert.

Set – The God of Desert, Darkness, or Chaos

In Egyptian art, Set is often portrayed as the strange and mysterious creature, known as Set animal. Sometimes, he is shown having a canine body with a curved snout, square ears, and forked tail, while at other times, he is portrayed as a human body with a head that contains the features of the set animal. The features of this mythical god do not seem to resemble any specific animal. Rather, they can be regarded as a composite of aardvark, donkey, and jackal.

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