The WOTC will be closed to Monday, September 10

Witches Of The Craft®

We apologize for being closed to Monday, September 10. Lady of the Abyss’ son, Jacob, was four-wheeling with some of the boys around the neighbor while she was at the doctor. They were riding a trail that they have rode for years. While on this trail, Jacob’s four wheeler hit a fallen branch. The branch flipped the four wheeler and threw Jacob from the four-wheeler. He hit a tree and was knocked out. The guys he was with picked him up and carried him back to the cabin. Lady A was arriving home as she saw the guys bringing Jacob home. She immediately panicked and called 911. He was still out when the ambulance arrived. He was taken to the hospital. He had an cat scan ran on his brain. He has a concussion plus a broken arm. He arm had to have immediate surgery on it. It had a…

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