Gods Behaving Badly? Myth, Virtue, and the Limitations of Modern Thinking

In a comment to last week’s post A Conclave of Cats: Debating the Nature of the GodsDean Smith said

“Do you believe all the Gods have what you would consider good virtues and values only? Or like humans have a mixture of virtues and vices?

Some stories of Them would definitely display what our current society would consider horrible behavior. What is your take on this?”

One thought on “Gods Behaving Badly? Myth, Virtue, and the Limitations of Modern Thinking

  1. This is an interesting opinion and I read it as the way this wanted to present his thoughts.
    I on the other had think that both Gods and Goddesses can be virtuous but they can also be bad and/or machevious. The way I’m using the word bad is not as a Christain would describe a Pagan deity but as in Hades tricking Presphone into eating the 3 pomagramet seeds in the under world. With the out come being she has to live in the under world for three months of the year which leaves her mother, Demeter, heartbroken and in turn puts all the plants, trees, shrubs, etc hibernate along with most wildlife and we have the cold winter months. This just one example where I ask myself if a God did a “bad” thing since he did trick the Goddess into doing something against her will (living in the Underground for part of the year). Or could this just be classified as Hades just playing a simple trick on Presephone.
    I feel each person should decide for themself whether they think different actions taken by a God or Goddess towards another deity or human is virtuous or bad. One of the main things that drew further down the lane as I travel on my pagan path is “Do as ye will, less it harm none.” I can use my magick they way I want to and I can follow my spiritual anyway I want to also and it will not be wrong for me. Every Pagan everywhere has this choice.
    Until we meet again blessed be

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