Samhain Death Walking Oil & Ritual

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The end of October is the perfect time for necromancy. Whether we seek advice from departed loved ones, wish to connect to our witch ancestors or wander around the other side, the thinness of the veil can be easily pierced by botanical specialists. Death walking provides us with the opportunity to better understand the mysteries of the afterlife.

If you are new to this sort of witchery, proceed with caution. I suggest contacting a beloved departed for your first time walking on the other side.

Preparing the Oil

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Hekate & November: The Underworld, Crossroads, Death Walking & Initiation

Death Walking

Witchery including mediumship, psychopompery and summoning spirits are all forms of death walking particularly suited for this time of the year. Refer to my article on Death Walking for more information. Hekate’s association with crossroads and the underworld really highlight her association with death walking witchery. She is the liminal queen of the spaces between this life and all others, including the dead and spirit guides. Consider a ritual seeking Hekate’s protection of, or ask her to connect you to, the spirits of the land connected to your home. 

Persephone, who is so closely connected to Hekate, sits on her throne as the Queen of the Underworld during November. I have found that Hekate will guide me to Persephone when I seek the mysteries of the afterlife.

November is also the time to begin preparing for a rebirth at the Winter Solstice. I’ll be writing more about the process of dismemberment and death, as well as soul retrieval with a Modern Hekatean Witchcraftapproach in the weeks ahead. November is ideal for petitioning Hekate to shine her torches on what you need to let go of.

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Astrology and Tarot: How Are They Connected?

There is no denying that astrology and tarot are deeply linked. Both philosophies consult the astral world for guidance. While in astrology, zodiac signs and readings focus more on planets and their positioning, tarot focuses on the mythical power of the astral world. Combining astrology and tarot helps tarot practitioners and readers expand their practice, while for clients, both philosophies help enrich their life. Some believe that every card in the tarot deck relates to astrology. Find out the connections between astrology and tarot here.

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How Do I Know If A God Is Calling Me?

Somebody asked this question in a social media comment on Called by Problematic Gods. I went looking for a blog post where I discussed it and I couldn’t find one. I’ve written plenty about my own callings, what to do when you’re called by a God you’d just as soon avoid, and what to do when it seems like nobody will ever call. But in over ten years of blogging, I’ve never directly answered the question of how you know if a God is calling you.

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