An “Attack” on One of Mother Earth’s Sea Creatures

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It Only Takes Six Hours for Billions of Plastic Nanoparticles to Accumulate in Sea Scallops

The particles accumulated with rapid speed, but it took up to 48 days for them to disappear from the mollusks’ systems


Smaller nanoplastics spread throughout the scallops’ muscles, gills, gonads and other organs, while larger ones stayed mainly in the intestines (University of Plymouth)

By Meilan Solly

DECEMBER 5, 2018


In roughly six hours — the time it takes to fly directly from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco or binge watch the entire first season of “The Good Place” — billions of nanoplastic particles can accumulate in a sea scallop’s muscles, gills, kidneys and other organs.

An international group of researchers observed this surprisingly speedy process, newly detailed in Environmental Science & Technology, during a laboratory experiment that mimicked pollution conditions seen in actual oceans. As Lacy Schley reports for Discover, the scientists mixed a nanoplastic of their own creation—a doctored version of the polymer polystyrene, which serves as a main ingredient in Styrofoam—with the scallop’s main food source, algae.

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