Introducing The Aetts

For more information about Runes such as how to read them, type Runes into Coven Life’s “Search. Box.” I would like to thank Lady Abyss again for teaching is about runes. I am not that familiar with reading times so I get to learn with you.

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Introducing The Aetts

In the Elder Futhark, in other words the 24-plus-one runic set with which we are concerned here, there
are three divisions. These divisions contain eight runes each, the blank or 25th rune being a separate
item. This is similar to the Greek division of the alphabet into three ogdoads (groups of eight), said to
reflect the three parts of the universe. Each of these sets has its own name, and is called an aett, an
Icelandic word, with many meanings included in which are things connected with place, lineage and
eight directions.

It is interesting to note that the Scottish word airt is very similar, as is the Irish word aird meaning an
eighth of the horizon, and used as a means of direction. The number eight is said to have been a very
powerful number to the Vikings and each set of eight runes forms its…

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