Magical Name

Sometimes a name will resonate with you. Often we read about characters that may have qualities that we aspire to. You may feel that you want to change your name when you are beginning a new page of your own personal story. That’s ok, too. You may become interested in a different path and want to choose a name that lends itself to a particular one.

My name is borrowed from the seven sisters. Maia was the oldest of the Pleiades, the group of seven stars in the constellation Taurus. The name has many different spellings and meanings depending on the tradition or subject. I chose this name because of the qualities Maia represents. She is fertility, mother, and known as the one who brings increase. At this time of my life I feel I am working on these qualities, and bearing the name reminds me to do my best.

One thought on “Magical Name

  1. My public pagan name comes from the date I was born on. It reminds me of what my mother went through to give me life. I was not an easy delivery. I also have a private name given to me by an ancestor who is one of my closest spirit guides that I use when performing spells and/or rituals by myself. This is a name not to be shared except with God’s and/or Goddesses and my guides. Some people get these spiritual names and some do not and they usually come after years of following the spiritual path of The Old Ways. My sacred name has been changed twice over my years of practicing. I got the first one when I became the High Priestess of a face to face coven. It changed when I choose to retire and be a solitary practitioner and then again about 6 months after starting Coven Life, along with its coven and school. So as Maia pointed out your Craft name may or may not change over time.


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