Hazelnut Charm House Blessing

Here is a simple protection and good luck charm you can hang inside your home near or over the hearth, near the front door, or in your bedroom.

9 hazelnut’s threaded with twine.

After you have tied 7 knots make a loop for hanging. Take the hazelnut charm fill it with love, light and protection. Envisioning protection all around you, your loved ones, your home, or what ever or who ever you wish it to protect.

This is a wonderful charm for Samhain.

Try this on a Tuesday- the day of Mars.

A familiar chant for the Blessing:

“Smoke of air, fire and earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth.

Drive away all harm and fear, only good may enter here.”

2 Forgotten Rituals to Harness the Power of the Stars

Witches Of The Craft®

Witches often talk about the benefits of moon magic. They rarely talk about the energies we can harness from the stars. Although they are not as prominent as the moon, their energy can still be woven into countless spells.

The Stars are one of the most powerful elements of the Universe that governs us, our home and the Origin that gives us power. Their mystical light gives us peace and pulls us into deep states of tranquility, which makes it easier for us to invoke the energies that help us perform our craft. Each star is a fragment of the gods who are listening to our rituals.

The power of star magic was discovered by witches hundreds of years ago. The first known star spells can be traced to around the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire. These witches knew the magic of the stars, their movement in…

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