Being transgender

Being trans

Some days are good
Some days are bad
Some days you win
Some days you are sad
Some days you are misgendered
Some days you are dead named
Some days you are marginalized
Some days you are shamed
Some days you are bruised
Some days you bleed
Some days you are stabbed
these things you don’t really need
Some days you limp home
Somedays you run
Some days for sanctuary
Some days for fun
No matter what though
The next day has arrived
You have to get up and go
You have to thrive
You cant let them win
no matter what they do
You have to live
You have to improve
We win by continuing
We win by living
We win by being out there
Jennifer 5-17-19

2 thoughts on “Being transgender

  1. This is a beautiful poem. Very strong and so very true for all of the people in this world that have been shunned, marginalized and harmed due to the ignorance and intolerance of others. Thank you Dawn for this reminder.
    Blessed Be

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  2. Dawn to me this poems not only the way trans are look at in many countries but talks about anyone who chooses to walk their own path rather than the one societies in different countries want everyone to fit it.
    People are not cut from a male or female cookie cutter, we were made for each of us to be unique and walk to our drummer inside yourself.


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