The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse


Death came by that day

He arrived like a gentle spring rain

The grass was greening

and the dew was still remaining


Death came by that day

With a certain calmness

With the face of a child

Who’s smile was flawless


Death came by that day

With the comfort for many

Knowing that she will be sleeping

In the land of plenty


Death came by that day

To comfort and offer solace for the pain

That the friends and family had in their souls

And the time chosen was most humane


Death came by that day

After the goodbyes had be said

The memories had been relived

and nothing had been left unsaid


death came by that day

and put on the period

to a life that had been taken

but with certain weariness


death came by that day

to claim another

this one from cancer

but it could have been others


death came by today

how many times has he been here before

how many more will he take

how many more will he call for


death came by today

to claim someone of wonder

to some she was a just the lunch lady

to others she was their mother


death came by today

we can not escape

he does not take a holiday

for anybodys sake


death came by today

he rode a pale horse

to claim another life

before their time had run its course


Jennifer Dawn Marshall


2 thoughts on “The Pale Horse

  1. That is superb – did you write it?

    When death came by for my Uncle, the time was particularly humane… we’d all been out on a big family walk in lovely countryside on a lovely day. He sat down for a rest on the hillside in the sun and just said “Isn’t it a lovely day” – then he was gone. We were glad it had been like that for him. I’d wish the same for myself when the time comes.


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