Monday Card Reading

Today I picked from my Archangel Animal Deck by Diana Cooper. To me animals, are very important in our lives. The card pulled was “The Owl”

Owls are teachers so what is the message for us today…So this is just a reminder to watch the words that you speak to others. You could have a positive affect on the person or a negative one. Therefore, listen to your words as you speak. This could help somebody that is having a bad day. As you speak your vibration is raised so imagine how we can help others if we are speaking positive.

Many Blessings!

5 card Angel Messages & Advice + Tarot Advice for the week of 20 April 2020

Money & success coming! Whoop! Whoop! You might wanna check this one out!!
Greetings and welcome to your 5 card Angel Advice & Messages + Tarot for the week!
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