There is no Time Like the Present- 6

Written for Coven Life

By priestess Hypatia



  1. Flow-

Today we will be remembering the word that allows all energy to exist, as without this there is nothing, literally……….

I have been excited even thinking about writing what this word means to me at this time. To me the flow exists beyond time, in the dark and light of the universe, in different dimensions, in alternate universes, it is the ingredient that brings to life from the smallest of atoms to the largest of black holes.

Now some call this universal energy, cosmic flow, others call it God, Goddess, prana, some call it time, spirit, life and some name it the Big Bang. Call it whatever it is you want, it is the one thing that gives meaning and existence to all that is. The flow exists as the ‘rhythmic pulse’ one that creates the magick that we can see, feel and experience. It goes beyond this earth, into the universe and much further out. It then comes back into our being, it is in every aspect of our surroundings, it is in the stars, the moon, the sun and the planets, it is in every plant, animal, animate and inanimate object, it is in our very body occupying every single cell.

The Flow gives us power to bring to life whatever we need. It is present in our autonomic nervous system that regulates certain body processes from breathing to blood pressure and creates a pulse therefore creating life. The earth has Her own flow, it is in the ebbs and flows of her oceans, the tides, day and night, the seasons, the elements and so forth.

This little series of trigger or remembering words has been created during this time to assist myself and hopefully engage others in assisting themselves in going through this tough period. Life has not been easy for many, and the stress of all that is happening around us is impacting our body, mind and soul. So for today I’m just going to remind you to be present in the flow and remember to BREATH.


Our breath is one, if not, the most import aspects of a human being. It not only generates our flow for actual life but it allows us to get into the flow of everything around us. Ever feel ‘out of rhythm ‘. It’s because your ‘not in the flow’.

In some schools of thought it is called the ‘Spiritual Cosmic Breath’. It is the very essence that begins our ‘earth walk’ from the first breath we take, and it is the very last breath we take that stops this existence here on this earth. When we surrender to the rhythm of the Great Cosmic Flow we release the need for ‘Control’ .

So for now just allow the flow through your breath and allow it to breath you. Verse yourself in breathing exercises that work for you. Engage in meditative practices that will allow you to get back into the flow. This is a reminder for you to BREATH. Learn to flow with your breath and understand that it is the very rhythm that everything and I mean everything that was created and will continue to be created. Flow from life to death and back to life again. Our breath here on earth is guided by respiration of every single cell in our body. We breathe the air here on earth, in and out, from the very first breath we take until the very last. However our origins of life was not here on earth but was given to us by the cosmic flow. It was the very rhythm that was created in the womb of our mother, the energy of our parents sacred union and finally the birth, all because of the miracle of the cosmic flow. On our last breath here on earth, our prana, our spirit whatever it is you like to call it, goes back into that cosmic flow, the ‘Spiritual Cosmic Breath’ that created us, this gets recycled into the cosmic energy pool to create more energy, more life and more flow. When you look at it this way, you can understand why the ancients thought that we are all related, connected, from the blade of grass, to the stars, to all the animals, plants, planets and so forth, as we are ALL from this one source.

Empedocles- 494-443B.C

TO the elements it came from

Everything will return.

Our bodies to earth,

Our blood to water,

Heat to fire,

Breath to air.

They were well born, they will be well entomb’d!

But mind?…

To continue reading…


I move with the energy of the ‘Cosmic Breath’ and allow the breath to breath me. ‘I am that I am’.

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