There is no Time Like the Present- 8

Written By Priestess Hypatia

For Coven Life



  1. Detach

In the previous series- ‘There is no Time like the Present- Part 7’, I mentioned the power of ‘Release’, such a liberating word. However it is through ‘Detachment’, or non- attachment as it is used in Buddhism, that allows us true liberation from what Buddhists call Samsara or what perpetuates Karma. It’s because of Karma we are in Samsara.

What a wake up call we are receiving now!

A time to reflect, gain clarity, see fairness and evaluate ones responsibilities for themselves, their family, their community and their environment. It is important to recognize such patterns that are destructive as these are what keep us in Samsara. Its starts in your own head and ripples outward. It spills into the family, the community and into the rest of the world. Yes we are all responsible, we are a collective.

Detaching, stepping back from situations that are not conducive to your growth, which includes relationships of all sorts, work, family and community is important to allow you to gain clarity. Ask yourself questions such as what is my role in this harmony or disharmony? What can I improve at this time by letting things go that are not working for me?

Asses your situation and accept responsibility, no guilt only empowerment. Detachment is NOT about being stone cold concerning your emotions or your circumstances. It about learning to set yourself free from the burden of your past actions and the haunting of your future actions, to understand that there is no time like the present as this is the ONLY REALITY.

Detachment from our wounds, decisions, life circumstances allows for a profound sense of care, compassion and freedom. Be free by not being attached to your mind! Allow every experience in your life to enter as a lesson and understanding.

Looking at some of the happiest and content people in the world I recognized similarities such as, some had been through a trauma, and that there was no expectations, no attachments and they are always living in the PRESENT moment. A gift, a PRESENT perhaps from the Universe? Living in the now is the only reality, what was is in the past and what will become has not happened yet.

Take the time to detach from your fears, from judging others and from even judging yourself. Bring in the love, detach from the fear that is running ramped on a global scale and understand that everything you will become and have been is because of your present moment, the here and now.



I accept the roles that I play in creating my reality by living in the present, in the HERE AND NOW.


4 thoughts on “There is no Time Like the Present- 8

  1. Wow Priestess Hypatia, this is incredible and just gave me tingles down my spine.

    About 12 hours ago (6am ET in US time) I did a Full Moon morning meditation, and asked my spirit guide for guidance. But prior to my meditation I picked up 1 card out of the 52, and also got “Detachment”.

    Then I just read your post which also mentioned “Detachment”.

    Twice in the same day, this Full Moon power is strong!!!

    Unsure if this allows photo uploads, but here’s the card I pulled from earlier this morning.

    – Zoey Selman


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome universal alignment Zoey.
    There is nothing more reassuring than our own validation that we are on the right path.


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