Wanderings of a witch

The wanderings of a witch, a sign of the times, a beautiful day, a peaceful park, squirrels and chipmunks playing in the grass, where are all the people, where were all the kids. They should be playing on the play ground, they should be running through the grass. Instead bc of the virus and the rioting their parents have hidden them away for protection, keeping them safe and pure. When will we be able to go back to the simple years of Andy Taylor and Mayberry. Have we lost our innocence, have we lost our peace, have we lost our tranquility. Here is one person who hopes we have put it on the shelf for a while, but will once again find and enjoy what we once had when kids could be kids and enjoy the world again.  Where kids went out to play from sun up until sundown being called home by the streetlights and then begging to go back out and play hide and seek, capture the flag or kick the can.  A life of skinned knees and elbow, bicycle races and county fairs.  Is this time gone, has the time passed, is this the new normal of viruses and violence.  We are a much poorer civilization now bc of all this.



2 thoughts on “Wanderings of a witch

  1. I agree, and as a Witch I also feel responsible to fight to protect the earth, animals, and any human life or lives when in danger.


  2. To be honest, that hasn’t been a ‘virus’ thing – at least not in the UK. It’s been a ‘permanently-online’ thing for our kids. There’s absolutely nothing stopping them going out to play (outside of the recent virus) nowadays but they just won’t. We were always outside during our childhood and didn’t come back until tea-time. But for the last 30 years or more here, our kids won’t go outside no matter what. Partly their over-protective parents (we also used to have to beware of strange folk in the woods etc. but we still went, albeit in a group) and partly their reluctance to go out into the fresh air and run around.


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