Mabon Ritual 9-24 ritual starts at ( 9PM eastern)

I will be in the chat room 8:30 Eastern to answer questions

WE will begin the Sabbat with a Universal Prayer Just before we begin our Sabbat, I would like to acknowledge all that has happened and is happening in 2021, before and beyond. It is a significant time of much change and challenges for both humanity and the Great Earth Mother and all within her. Let us take a minute to pray for the universe/Gaia and healing in this time of need. “May the God and Goddess give us strength and refuge in our time of need. May they help us to remain calm and strong in the face of uncertainty, help us find compassion without the overwhelming feeling of empathy. God and Goddesss teach me humility, acceptance and to remember my kindness” So mote it be……..

Mabon You will need A basket, wicker preferred Red Apple Fallen Branch Seasonal fruit and vegetables Incense of your choice Knife to cut apple Picture of a large pentacle (I use a pentacle disk or you can draw or print one on a piece of paper) A candle-(the larger the better, one to re-light, whenever you wish to contemplate during the winter months over your magickal and mystical path. If your candle runs low transfer the light to another large candle with love and intent of the energy of the first. Contemplations are done for short periods of time so candle needs to burn for only a couple of minutes at a time, longer if you wish it is purely up to you. Note; DO NOT BLOW OUT CANDLE, SNUFF THE CANDLE INSTEAD)

Mabon Sweep your circle with a broom clockwise (use whatever you have on hand, it’s about physically cleaning your space) Place the basket with seasonal fruit and vegetables in the center of alter Tree branch to the right of the wicker basket Cast the Circle: To the Guardians of the North: I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us. To the Guardians of the East: I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us. To the Guardians of the South: I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us. To the Guardians of the West: I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us. I cast this circle three times three with the assistance of the God and Goddess. I call Upon the Guardians of spirit to protect us from above and below. As is above so is below, as is below so is above. May the power of God and Goddess join us within this circle now, to protect us and to work with us and allow us to see beyond the veil. Protect us Great Mother and Great Father for all gathered here and those afar who are unable to be with us. Allow no negative energy to touch us, to harm us and that nothing we call upon will harm us and others. We come together in perfect love and perfect trust. Greeting: Merry meet brothers and sisters and honored guests. Everyone – Respond Merry Greet. Ceremony: Please ALL light your main altar candles (not the Mabon candles as yet) Mabon Your wand in your power hand, facing your alter, arms stretched out above head………. “Autumn Queen and Harvest God I honor Thee. As the change of seasons begins the Wheel has turned once more. A time to reflect, a time to come together in the here and now in this sacred space where all time becomes one. The second harvest has been reaped, now take the time to rest and feel the change as the season passes from one to the next. My Mother, go now and slumber My Father go now and dream of re-birth” Arms outstretched, lower your head and close your eyes, sit in contemplation for 30 seconds. When ready open your eyes and lower your arms Pick up the apple and place it on the pentacle Cut the apple crosswise to reveal the pentagram bringing the elements into your life Lift the half apple up as in offering and say…. “The year gives way to the next as the season passes and the Great Wheel turns. Ancestors, Guardians and Wise ones guide me. Every beginning has an ending and every ending a new beginning”. Light your Mabon candle now Take a bite of the apple, put aside to share with nature later Take the tree branch and shake in each direction, starting with the North, then West, South, East and say……. “Allow me to remember the summer past as the days grow longer and the days shorter. Memories will warm my soul as the sunlight fades and hearth becomes inviting through this divine light of the candle dedicated to the Mother and Father. Great Mother calls me forward to rest and lull myself to sleep with her songs as I cling myself to her bosom”. Face the altar and branch held out in front of you and say…… “May I never forget the summer memories and continue to strive during the colder months. May I take this time to go within and reflect on the Mysteries that lead me to a better understanding of myself, of others and all that is in life and death”. Put the tree branch back on the altar, take 30 seconds to contemplate about : The symbols that you have mentally attached to this ritual, The various projects that you will put in action over the winter months, no matter how small or insignificant they may feel. After the ceremony please feel free to share the consecrated fruit and vegetables in a beautiful meal with family and friends. Make a beautiful dinner for all to enjoy and be thankful for what is.

CLOSING Dismiss the circle: To the Guardians of the North: I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protecting us. To the Guardians of the West: I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protecting us. To the Guardians of the South: I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protecting us. To the Guardians of the East: I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protecting us. As you leave here tonight may the Lady and Lord bless you with all that you need. I bid you Blessings and great Joy Brothers and sisters of the Craft Thank you and farewell

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