Celtic New Year, Apple Resolution Spell

ResolutionsOctober 31, 2015
This is a dedication and spell that says, thank you for all the blessings of last year and embracing all the blessings Goddess Hecate has in store, this coming year.
This spell can be worked anytime, but best in a Waning phase of the moon.
    Supplies: 1 Small piece of paper and pen, 1 Apple cut in half horizontally, A 9 Inch piece of twine or Wooden toothpicks, 1 Black candle – represents Last year, 1 White candle – represents Coming year, 1 Orange candle – represents Autumn, Cinnamon incense, 1 Bowl or Cauldron, Sacred salt and Moon water, 1 Lighter and 2 Chairs and Besom (I bought a lovely Cinnamon scented one at the grocery store)
            First I center and ground myself..
I wrote down, on the small piece of paper a list of things that were not positive or that I want to be rid of in my life, Negativity, Unhealthy weight, and Self destructive words.
Light your candles and incense. then take your Salt, lift it up and thank Mother earth for the salt that will protect and cleanse this Sacred place. Place 3 pinches of salt in a bowl.
Next take up your Moon water and thank the mighty element of water for cleansing this place and pour a little in the bowl, with the salt. Take your bowl of salt water and start at the East, create a Sacred Circle, making a safe place between the worlds. Then take your cinnamon incense and follow suit, creating a safe place between the worlds, starting at the East. Give honor to the year gone and walk boldly into the next year coming, a year full of wonderful expectations.
I honor Goddess Hecate, my Goddess of the past, the present and the future. I then placed the black candle on the chair on the left and the white candle on the other chair, facing each other. Next I placed my besom on the ground, crosswise between the two chairs.
I say, “I dedicate this New Year to my Goddess Hecate, to honor her by growing in knowledge and wisdom. Gone with the old destructive ways and I embrace the coming year fresh and new. So mote it be”. I walk between the black and white candle and leap over the besom for good luck.
I close the Sacred Circle by saying “This dedication is completed. I have said it and It Is So.  This is done while walking around the Sacred Circle Counter Clockwise or Widdershins. Afterward, I take the twine or wooden toothpicks and bind the apple together, with the paper between. Take the apple outside and bury it.
As the apple decomposes  the negative habits written on the paper will decompose and go away.
Footnote: This spell has results that are slow, because habits, be the good or bad, take time to come into fruition.
Best Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress