There is no Time like the Present

Written for Coven Life

By Priestess Hypatia


In the course of a couple of weeks humanity has changed in an unprecedented rate sparking mass global fear, confusion, anger, paranoia, hate, racism and frenzy are just to name a few.

Now I say humanity as the earth itself, the Great Mother and the Great Father is going about business as usual. In fact a break from humanity is allowing Gaia to once again thrive. Our imagined role as the ‘superior species’ is becoming more and more evident that we are truly all connected, one species is no more important than the other. This delicate balance of the ‘Web of Life’ is something ancient cultures have spoken of since the beginning of our walk on this earth. Those still practicing the old religion and ancient spiritual practices are in a space of understanding that goes beyond space and time, it is between the past- what once was and the future- what will be. There is ‘NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT’.  This is where it all happens!

“Now is the only reality. All else is either memory or Imagination”


This global pickle we are in has us looking in the past for answers to deal with why this is happening to us. What we could of, should of and didn’t do, who we didn’t listen to, who we can blame and why we didn’t do it.

Then there are the post viral predictions pushing humanity to only speculate and postulate of how this can and might possibly pan out. There is one thing that I can be certain of and that is, nothing is more certain than the present, nothing is more real to humanity than ‘the here and now’.

Over the next couple of articles I will be helping you remember some helpful words (in no particular order) that have and assist me and may also assist you in regaining your focus in your present moment. Helping you to remember that a mindful practice is more needed now than ever before. We are all in this together!

“Let us learn to live mindfully in the present as the only reality in NOW”


  1. Observe-

Through this practice we can gain a new understanding of our surroundings. At this present time most people really have no choice but to observe.

Global directive of practicing self-isolation, social distancing and working from home encourages us to pay attention to our immediate surroundings. Our here and now, in our home, in our head, in our family. This is a good time to take a step back and see what is really happening in the here and now.

Surrender to the experience and in the process you may even discover your truth. Release and trust the process and begin to have faith in the here and now. This is a good time to be patient, all things have a cycle and there is a time and place for everything, unfortunately it also includes this unprecedented evolutionary crisis.

Observation can allow you to gain a new perspective on a situation, open your mind and your heart and begin to bring in energies of awareness and transformation.


“I now take a step back and observe my situation in a new light”

Chakras and Auras – How they Work Together

Did you ever wonder what the differences are between chakras and auras?  Or how they work together?  Did you ever think it might be useful to know?  (Hint:  It is)

Understanding these energy centers is one way to enhance your spiritual unfoldment, psychic development, and gain more insight into this wild ride we call life.

An Overview of Chakras and Auras

Your Chakras

Chakras are multi-colored, beautiful spinning wheels in our energy fields.  I like to envision them as the spinning pinwheels I had when I was a kid.

We have seven main chakra points.  (Some people believe we have many, many more, including hundreds of “mini-chakras”.)  Here are the main ones:

To read the rest of this article please click oon this link: Chakras and Auras

The Cone of Power-Spiral Dance

More From: Starhawk’s Spiral Dance

This is an exercise in raising the Cone Of Power. If you haven’t read this book, then you need to. This will remind you of who you are. 

Stand and raise up that Cone Of Power.

Of you haven’t realized it yet, I’m going to let you in on a secret..

You are Magickal❤

Now behave like it💙

Brightest Blessings,

SunRay Sorceress

Through The Doorway 

( picture from fb: There is a little Witch in all of us)

“Pathworking – sometimes called journeying, inner plane work or vision questing – is a form of meditation used a lot in shamanic practice. It is a structured meditation with a purpose to it, a guided journey into your inner world or into other planes, such as into the Land of Fae.

This type of journeying allows us to stretch ourselves, to dip into our inner power, to connect with divinity, to aid us in decision making, to seek past lives and to connect with messengers and guides. ” ( The previous 2 paragraphs are from, Grimore of a Kitchen Witch: An Essential Guide To Witchcraft ; by Rachel Patterson.

( I highly recommend this book, it is full of years of knowledge and practical wisdom for the everyday Witch.)

  When entering through the doorway to a vision quest there are a few things to remember. 
1 Create a protected circle around you.

2 Always ask permission to enter from the Guardians or Gate Keepers.

3 Remember your manners, please, thank you and don’t interupt when someone or something is talking to you. 

If you meet anyone on your pathworking, wether it is a human, a deity, a fae, an animal, whatever, please be polite and respectful. Don’t touch any animal or being without asking first. These beings work on a different plane, you don’t want to upset them. 

4 Have fun. This is a time to seek answers, obtain guidance and get to know your Spirit Guides. They care and really want to get to know you. For everything has a spirit, all manner of animals, rocks, trees, plants and  even the sky, if you listen quietly they will show you wonderous visions. 

5 You might want to leave an offering at the gate before leaving to return home. Go back through the gateway slowly, coming back gently and ground yourself afterwards. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress