Making Your Pentacle Your Own

The pentacle that I wear daily is approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter. On the front of it is the Goddess with her arms raised. I apologize for the quality of the picture but I did not want to disturb Cleopatra or Starbabie, my two canine familiars, who are using me as their pillow. You can see part of Cleopatra’s head in the picture.

My pentacle is one thing that I wear close to my Heart Chakra on the cord is also a Unicorn pendant given to me about 15 years ago by my husband, a green Adventurine to help with my back problems, and a heart pendant the containing clear quartz made for me by my dearest sister (the one I went to Germany to visit in 2016).

I have worn a pentacle blessed to help protect me from metaphysical as well as physical assault of any kind. But the one felt different after I cleansed and blessed it. So I asked my guides why and then meditated waiting for an answer. I learned that not only did the points on this pentacle represent the five elements, Spirit, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, they also each represented a deity I work with or works through me. Starting at the top and going clockwise the points represent many different aspects of the Horn God, Mary Magdalene who is one of my guides, Ra my patron god, Kwan Yin/Sirona healing goddesses that with through me to help others, Mother Earth my matron goddess. The goddess on the front is the Great Mother and the horseshoe shape thing she is holding above her head a creative muse that helps me immensely Collopie. By finding out this information truly made this MY pentacle as I seriously doubt anyone else would have the same beings at the same points as I do.

To make your pentacle your own you could do it the way I did or however you are inspired to turn a pendant you bought as a symbol of your spiritual path into a one of a kind personal amulet. Continue reading “Making Your Pentacle Your Own”

The Rantin’ Raven: The Riddle of the Pentagram

The Pentagram
The Protective Talisman Par Excellence

Sometimes reading about a symbol again and again can be redundant, but I found some very interesting points in this piece. This is a refreshing article that brought The Pentagram into a new light.” Please take a moment and check out the link at the bottom.

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

…The Pentagram has more meanings than any other symbol in Wiccan iconography. It means perfection, evolution, working to completion, and is a glyph of the way energy moves between the Godhead and humanity and back again. It symbolizes the five physical senses with the spirit at the center; different forms of it represent each of the four magical elements while one form represents all four elements with spirit either at the top or bottom; it also represents motion of the Universe, weaving itself within a place of perfect stillness.

…An interesting thing about these Pentagrams is that they are drawn backwards from the usual direction taken in invocation and banishing. Movement deosil, or clockwise, is generally considered to be constructive and invocational; movement widdershins (counter-clockwise) is considered destructive or negational. Yet the Invoking Pentagram is drawn with a counter-clockwise stroke, the Banishing Pentagram with a clockwise one – as seen by the person drawing them. In meditating on this oddity, I came to the conclusion that as seen by a person or entity on the other side of the Pentagram (at whom, presumably, it is being drawn) it is consistent with general magical practice. As with all things Wiccan, your mileage may vary.