A Story by Lady Beltane

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Egyptian Afterlife – The Field of Reeds

If  the soul passed through the Weighing of the Heart it moved on to a path which led to Lily Lake (also known as the Lake of Flowers). There are, again, a number of versions of what could happen on this path where, in some, one finds dangers to be avoided and gods to help and guide while, in others, it is an easy walk down the kind of path one would have known back home. At the shore of Lily Lake the soul would meet the Divine Ferryman, Hraf-hef (He-Who-Looks-Behind-Him) who was perpetually unpleasant. The soul would have to find some way to be courteous to Hraf-hef, no matter what unkind or cruel remarks he made, and show one’s self worthy of continuing the journey.

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A Wonderful Experience

To often I close off myself from hearing and/or feeling those who have crossed into the Summerlands. The reason for this is if I do not I hear and/or feel people trying to contact me with messages for people I have never heard of. One of the draw backs to being very sensitive to the spirit relehm. I do try to keep a path open always for my friends and ancestors.

As you might know my mother crossed a couple of weeks ago. She started visiting me this past week when I am awake and also in my dreams. My father has been doing this since he crossed in 1970. Last night as I was walking home from work about 11 PM all of a sudden felt warm, it was only 50 F out, and overwhelmed with love and comfort. I had no idea why until I heard my parents discussing whether or not I needed them escorting me home. My mother said, “I was an adult and the walk was short so I would be fine.” To which my father replied, “I have been doing this for years anytime she’s been walking late at night.” It was such a wonderful feeling knowing my father had been watching over me for years and now my mother is doing the same. It has helped me not miss them both as much as I have been. I feel privileged two have such caring and devoted parents to still keep me safe and guide me.

This is the first morning I did not feel like crying because their journeys for this lifetime had ended. I know I will see them someday in the Summerlands along with my eight siblings that all crossed during or before I got to meet them during this lifetime.

When a lifetime ends it can be a time to grieve their passing but it it also a time to rejoice that we knew the person and the pleasant times you had with them.

Saying I Love You and Good Bye To a Loved One After They go to the Summerlands Ritual

This ritual was composed by one of my novice’s Patricia. Thank you for letting me share something so personal on my website.

Done on July 13, 2015
Yesterday dad died at 11:30pm, so today I wanted to show my love and gratitude and also say good bye from my heart. I’m not ashamed to say that tears were streaming as I preformed this simple Ritual.
Out in my back yard I have three large shade trees and a bird feeder in the middle, so it’s quite busy with citers.
I choose a small spot and invite and thank each of the Watch  Towers. First the East – Air and all that pertains to it, such as birds, wind and fairies. Next South – South. I have a special Fire Dragon that guides me. Then West – Water,  Water Fairies, and North – Mother Earth.
I then called and invited my Goddess Hecate and my God Odin to please join me in my Sacred Circle… I thank them and tell them how grateful I am for their help in releasing dad from the pain of his 90 year old frail body. He is with my mom and Ancestors. [You can replace dad with the name of the loved one you lost.]
My heart can now weep, not from his suffering but from his release and peace that encompasses me..
I released and thanked with gratitude my Goddess and God. Then I released and thanked the Watch Towers, starting from the North, working counter clockwise.
As a show of my love, I left piles of birdseed in the back for the finch, blue jays, doves and quail.



“Shining bright against the sky,
they never seem to fade or die
And as they glow throughout the night,
Round the world they go in flight”
-Peter Fein

~ Three Stages of Life by Klimt

There were many symbols sacred to the Celts. The number three was evident in many of their spiritual practices,
for instance, the three worlds:

The Upperworld (Sky)

The Middle World or Earth (Land)

The Lowerworld or Underworld (Sea)

The Celts determined that the rise to the Summerland was by accessing the Sky, while entrance into to the Lowerworld or Underworld was admitted through the Sea or by mounds known as Sidhe (shee). The Underworld does not refer to ‘hell’ as the Christian beliefs, but rather a place of rest to await and be reborn. The Celts did not believe in an all-evil entity such as the Christian devil.

Reincarnation seems to be one of the most controversial spiritual topics of our time. Hundreds of books are being published on the subject as if the Western world had only recently discovered this ancient doctrine.

Reincarnation is one of Wicca’s most valuable lessons. The knowledge that this life is but one of many, that when the physical body dies we do not cease to exist but are reborn in another body answers many questions, but raises a few more.

Why? Why are we reincarnated? In common with many other religions, Wicca teaches that reincarnation is the instrument through which our souls are perfected. One lifetime isn’t sufficient to attain this goal; hence, the consciousness (soul) is reborn many times,each life encompassing a different set of lessons, until perfection is achieved. Perhaps being an “old soul” means one is a slow learner. No one can say how many lives are required before this is achieved. We are human and its easy to get caught up in our day to day dramas.

A man could even become his own daughter by dying before she is born and then entering her body at birth. Some tribes avoid eating certain animals because they believe that the souls of their ancestors dwell in those animals.


In Wicca, we seek to strengthen our bodies, minds and souls.We certainly live full, productive earthly lives, but we try to do so while harming none, the constant One upsmanship, intimidation and looking out for number one slows this journey down.


The soul is ageless, sexless, non-physical, possessed of the divine spark of the Goddess and God.Each manifestation of the soul(i.e: Each body it inhabits on earth) is different. No two bodies or lives are the same. If this wasn’t so,the soul would stagnate.The sex, race, place of birth,economic class and every other individuality of the soul is determined by its actions in past lives and the lessons necessary to the present.


As an aid in learning the lessons of each life, a phenomenon exists which has been called karma. Karma is often misunderstood.It is not a system of rewards and punishments,but a phenomenon that guides the soul toward evolving actions. Thusly, if a person performs negative actions, negative actions will be returned.Good brings good.With this in mind, there’s little reason to act negatively.



Karma means action,and that’s how it works. It is a tool, not a punishment. There’s no way one can “wipe out”karma, and neither is every seemingly terrible event in our lives a byproduct of karma.


We learn from karma only when we are aware of it. Many look into their past lives to discover their mistakes,to uncover the problems inhibiting progress in this one. Trance and meditation techniques can help here, but true self-knowledge is the best means of accomplishing this.


What happens after death? Only the body dies. The soul lives on.Some Wiccans say that it journeys to a realm variously known as the Land of the Faerie ,the summerland, and the land of the young. This realm is neither in heaven nor the underworld. It simply is-a non-physical reality much less dense than ours. Some Wiccan traditions describe it as a land of eternal summer, with grassy fields and sweet flowing rivers, perhaps the earth before the arrival of humans. Others see it vaguely as a realm without forms, where energy swirls coexist with the greatest energies-the Goddess and God in their celestial identities.


One day you may “know”, not believe, that reincarnation is as real as a plant that buds, flowers, drops its seed, withers and creates a new plant in its image. Reincarnation was probably first intuited by earlier peoples watching nature. Until you’ve decided for yourself, you may wish to reflect upon and consider the doctrine of reincarnation.


~ Vienna by Klimt


“We are not human-beings having a spiritual experience,
but we are spiritual-beings having a human experience.

~ Deepak Chopra


~ The Waiting by Klimt

Where we come from, where we go . . . beyond punishment and judgments there is acceptance and unconditional love, from where we separated us. Life never starts, never ends, just its expression does change, which makes us believe we die, or we take birth.

All the ancient peoples of the world believed in the reality of reincarnation and a majority in this world still does. Buddhists, Hindus, Druids, Celts, Britons, Gallics, Platonists, Pythagoreans, many gnostic Christians, are only some of the people that hold to this doctrine. Add the Inca and Maya civilizations, the old Egyptians, the Roman poets Vergil, Lucretius, Horatio, the Stoics, and the list is still not completed! Also the Jewish Sohar, the famous Kabbalistic book, contains references to reincarnation.