Descent And Ascent: Persephone Claiming Her Throne At Samhain

For those of us who honor the Greek gods and syncretically link the pagan wheel of the year with our traditions, Persephone’s descent into her underworld is rightfully crowned by her ascending to her throne at Samhain.

During this time of year, we honor the dead and our ancestors, especially taking the time to consider those who have passed away recently. Libations and offerings are made, to Persephone, Hades, Demeter, our ancestors of both blood and spirit, and the dead in general. For some of us, particularly those who have connections to underworld deities and/or communicate with the dead, this is an intense time of year. Sleep can be disrupted, more psychic dreams may be had, and overall our awareness is heightened. Self careduring this time is highly recommended.

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