Wishing All My Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft A Very Beautiful & Blessed Monday Morn’!

Witches Of The Craft®

Good Morning Sunshine

What is Love?

Perhaps a commitment of kindred souls –
There are so many different levels yet all are as one in quality –
A commitment to share –
Acceptance of each other
Understanding and Consideration
Trust and Honesty
Common Respect for each other

A pledge to be there for each other whenever possible
to share joy and laughter, strength and weakness,
and when necessary – grief and tears…
To allow each to grow to their own potential
Love nurtures a bond between souls
A bond stronger than petty emotions – jealously, envy, condemnation and fear
The truth of Love is not as a bond representing a chain of bondage,
but as a release of one’s soul-
a true acceptance of one’s spirit, one’s being
a healing acceptance
That is unconditional Love

Love can only be given freely and openly
Never coerced, bought, traded or forced

Love is feared only…

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